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Easy to use search APIs. Search through billions of webpages with a simple API call and without breaking the bank. Get started in minutes.

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Search millions of webpages, news articles and images with a single API call

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Build your own large-scale search engine and deploy to your website or app in minutes

Powerful Search Technologies

ContextualWeb is the 3rd largest search engine in the world in terms of the number of webpages indexed. We crawl webpages from a huge variety of sources that are spread all over the world wide web.

Our technology brings the power of neuroscience into the world of search to rapidly index billions of webpages.



By developers, for developers

Our Search APIs are the most popular data APIs in the RapidAPI marketplace, loved by millions of developers worldwide. We're engineers by training - so we're conscious of building developer-friendly APIs.


The ContexualWeb Search API is a RESTful service that provides fast results to search queries. We search webpages, images and news articles to find exactly what you're looking for. Results are provided as JSON and ranked based on search relevance and context.

The ContextualWeb Custom Search API enables you to create large-scale search experiences for the domains that you care about. You can specify any number of domains for ContextualWeb to search and help your users find the most relevant search results.