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Large-scale internet search engines

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Large-scale internet search engines

Web Search API

Bring powerful internet search to your apps by combining billions of webpages, images and news with a single API call.

Web Search API

Bring brilliant internet search to your apps and harness the ability to combine billions of webpages, images and news with a single API call.

Custom Search

Create a large-scale search engine for your domain, or a collection of domains. You can configure your search engine to search web pages, news and images.

Our web search API is the most popular data API in the RapidAPI marketplace

Thousands of companies, startups and developers use ContextualWeb Search API to add large scale search engine's capabilities to their products.

The ContexualWeb Search API is a RESTful service that provides fast results to search queries. The search results include web pages, images and news. Results are provided as JSON and based on search relevance and context.

The ContextualWeb Custom Search enables you to create large-scale search experiences for the domains that you care about. You can specify any number of domains for ContextualWeb to search and help your users find the most relevant search results.

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