News API, Image Search API and Web Search API - Supercharge your app with search

Easy to use search APIs. Search through billions of webpages with a simple API call and without breaking the bank. Get started in minutes.

News API, Image Search API and Web Search API - Supercharge your app with search

Search API

Add web search functionality to your app with our Search API. With sophisticated search tech and an enormous database of billions of webpages, images and news articles, we make sure your users find what they’re looking for – fast.

Web Search API

The web at your fingertips. We crawl and index billions of webpages to provide highly relevant search results in a jiffy. Easy to install and a breeze to use. Your first 10,000 requests per month are on us.

News API

With more than 100,000 sources, our News API is the most robust on the market. Expansive shouldn’t mean expensive – News API starts at just $0.0005/request.

Image Search API

Search billions of images with our powerful Image API. We provide high quality thumbnails and Safe Search settings, allowing you to adapt the search results to your unique needs.

Custom Search API

If you’d like to build your own search engine, we’ve got your covered. With our Custom Search API, it’s easy to create a large-scale search engine for your websites or domains. Configure every little detail – or leave everything that’s under the hood to us. Getting started is free and easy.

ContextualWeb's APIs were incredibly simple to integrate, and customer support was always prompt and helpful.

Tom Landau Co-founder & CEO, Simple News

By developers, for developers

Our Search APIs are the most popular data APIs in the RapidAPI marketplace, loved by millions of developers worldwide. We’re engineers by training – so we’re conscious of building developer-friendly APIs.

The ContexualWeb Search API is a RESTful service that provides fast results to search queries. We search webpages, images and news articles to find exactly what you’re looking for. Results are provided as JSON and ranked based on search relevance and context.

The ContextualWeb Custom Search API enables you to create large-scale search experiences for the domains that you care about. You can specify any number of domains for ContextualWeb to search and help your users find the most relevant search results.