Company - Contextual Web

What is ContextualWeb?

ContextualWeb offers a solution for companies, teams and individuals to create and maintain their own large-scale search engines in a very affordable and easy way, requiring no prior knowledge or specific skills.


Recent studies in Neuroscience have considerably advanced our understanding of the distinct roles of the brain areas responsible for the encoding and the retrieval of memories. ContextualWeb's is an implementation of the memory system of the human brain: It indexes web pages in a similar fashion to how the brain indexes memories, forming a brain-like network of knowledge based on the pages indexed from the World Wide Web.

Our vision

Our goal is to deconcentrate the search engine industry, by allowing anyone to become a player and tailor their custom internet search engine to their own niche, and move away from depending on a few corporations to index the rapid changes of the world wide web. We  are committed  to  changing  the  market  significantly,  and  thereby  changing  how the  world  approaches  web  search.

If we’re going to have a real transformation in search, you have to try to be building technologies that will enable you to take something like 10,000 servers that are used for search today and do it with one hundred servers.

Peter Thiel