Custom Search

Build your own large-scale custom search engine

Images, webpages, news – whatever your data is, our Custom Search API provides relevant results in moments

ContextualWeb Custom Search API enables you to build large scale internet search engines for any collection of websites and easily integrate them in your products. Whatever you’re searching for – webpages, images, news – the Custom Search engine can provide high quality results faster than light.

Powerful search for your domains
Increase your visitors' satisfaction with accurate and fast results.
Commercial-grade service
Usage of the ContextualWeb Custom Search engine is ad-free, no matter how much or how little of the service you use.
Topical search engine
Search multiple domains relevant to your topic at once.
Powerful consumption statistics
Quickly retrieve consumption insights using the RapidAPI dashboard.

Easy to set up

Provide a list of domains to be indexed to create your custom search engine instance. Then simply query the search engine using an API service or a client-side interface. It’s as easy as it sounds.

Add as many domains as you like

  • No limitations
  • No restrictions