ContextualWeb Custom News Search API

ContextualWeb Custom Search News API is simple HTTP REST API. The Custom Search Web API lets you send a search query to get back live articles from the slice of Web that your Custom Search instance defines.

Be aware that the ContextualWeb  News Search API provides news search results only. Use the Custom Web Search API and Custom Image Search API for other types of web content.

Header Parameters:

X-RapidAPI-KeyStringGet API Key

Request parameters:

qStringThe user's search query string
pageNumberNumberThe page to view
searchEngineIdStringThe id of the custom search engine. To setup a custom search engine go to: cse.contextual.io

Response 200:

"url": "http://taylorswift.com", 

      "description": "The Official Website of <b><b>Taylor Swift</b></b>", 

      "body": "The Official Website of Taylor Swift", 

      "keywords": "", 

      "language": "en", 

      "isSafe": true, 

      "datePublished": "0001-01-01T00:00:00", 

      "provider": { 

        "name": "taylorswift"