Custom News Search API

How to get started with the Custom News Search API

The Custom News Search API is simple HTTP REST API. The way it works is simple: you send a search query and get a list of relevant news articles from the slice of the web your Custom Search instance has been defined to crawl.

The Custom News Search API provides news-only search results. If you want to search for webpages or images, use the corresponding custom search engines.

Header Parameters:

X-RapidAPI-KeyStringGet API Key

Request parameters:

qStringThe user's search query string
pageNumberNumberThe page to view
searchEngineIdStringThe id of the custom search engine. To setup a custom search engine go to: cse.contextual.io

Response 200:

"url": "http://taylorswift.com", 

      "description": "The Official Website of <b><b>Taylor Swift</b></b>", 

      "body": "The Official Website of Taylor Swift", 

      "keywords": "", 

      "language": "en", 

      "isSafe": true, 

      "datePublished": "0001-01-01T00:00:00", 

      "provider": { 

        "name": "taylorswift"