ContextualWeb Custom Search API Quick Start Guide

Step 3: Get Your API Key

RapidAPI is the API marketplace we use to distribute the custom search engine API. It lets us manage subscriptions and billing easily. Over one million developers use Rapid API to get their APIs, and the breadth of the marketplace is astounding, so getting an account is useful anyway!

Simply head on over to https://rapidapi.com/signup to get your account. You can use Facebook, Github or Google to sign up.

Once you’ve registered and logged in to RapidAPI, you will need to choose your plan from the pricing page. If you're just starting out with ContextualWeb, the free plan should be just fine. Tap the "Select Plan" button and subscribe.

After you choose a plan, visit our Custom Search API page.


Scroll down and copy your personal, secret API key. It should look something like this:


Here’s where to find it:

Once you've got your key from RapidAPI, Click the generate API key menu option on the left.

Then, paste the API key you copied into the API field and click "update".

You should see a little message saying “API Key Updated”. If you see that, it means you’re good to go. 👍