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News API Examples

Building your own news application or scraping the web for news is easy. Once you get your API key from RapidAPI, you can start making GET requests as shown below. Sophisticated functions such as Safe Search and AutoCorrect are also just a simple API call away.


/WebSearchAPI?q="Taylor Swift"

  "_type": "news",
  "didUMean": "",
  "totalCount": 2311,
  "relatedSearch": [
    "scooter braun",
    "ariana grande",
    "judi dench",
    "jennifer hudson",
    "taylor swift score 10",
    "prime day",
    "off drama with fun",
    "new york",
  "value": [
      "title": "Article title",
      "url": "Article URL",
      "description": "Article description",
      "body": "Body of article",
      "language": "en",
      "isSafe": true,
      "datePublished": "2019-07-29T21:06:00",
      "provider": {
        "name": "Publisher name"
      "image": {
        "url": "Image URL",
        "height": 480,
        "width": 480,
        "thumbnail": "https://contextualwebsearch.com/api/thumbnail/get?value=8452069667708416433",
        "thumbnailHeight": 240,
        "thumbnailWidth": 240,
        "base64Encoding": null

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Not every developer is building a large-scale commercial web app. We offer a very generous free plan - your first 10,000 requests per month are on us. Chances are, it'll be enough for you forever.

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Robust Docs

Our API includes extensive documentation, guides and tutorials for leading programming languages. Whatever tech stack you're using, we've got you covered. Build your news app or website with Python 3.x, Ruby, C#(.Net) or Node.js quickly and easily.

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Python 3 News API

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Whether you're building a sports news app or aggregating crypto news for a machine learning project, you'll find the right functionality is baked right into News API, including sophisticated crawl & search technology at your fingertips.

Blazing fast response times

Whatever you’re searching for, we can find it in the blink of an eye. Using proprietary search algorithms that aim to mimic the way the human brain retrieves memories, we’ve managed to keep latency super low.

Best-in-class results

Thanks to a sprawling network of associations between events, people, places and objects, we’re able to bring you the most relevant results at the right context. This context-aware search lets our news search engines provide the most relevant results, several steps ahead of of similar providers.

Made for developers

We put a lot of emphasis on extensive documentation, rapid support times and a very generous free plan - all in order to make it incredibly easy for developers to get started with the API. Integration typically takes minutes.

Entity Extraction

If you need to classify news articles - to display them in a more organic way, or for data analysis purposes - we’ve got you covered. Our search algorithm includes sophisticated natural language processing designed to extract primary keywords from each article, and our API results include those keywords. This empowers your app to classify results by topic and easily parse their subject matter.

100,000 News Sources

Our crafty pack of web spiders crawls and indexes more than 100,000 news sites and blogs every week. That’s more news than you could read in a lifetime!


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The Washington Post API

The Washington Post


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Fox News


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The New York Times


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...And Many, Many More!

At least 99,992 more news outlets, blogs and sites crawled by our search engine.


"Getting started with News API was incredibly easy. I managed to integrate the API and start getting results in my Python app within 30 minutes. AND we started saving $2,000 per month compared to our previous provider"

Jodi Smith, Simple News CEO & Founder

Competitive Pricing

Compared to other leading News API providers, you'll get much more mileage, better versatility and accurate search results with ContextualWeb. If you're looking for a Free News API, look no further: we offer up to 10,000 requests/month free.


$1.8 / 1K requests
  • ⛔️No entity extraction
  • ⛔️Only 30,000 sources
  • ⛔️Just 100 requests/day free
  • ⛔️ Plans start at $99/month

ContextualWeb News API

$0.5 / 1K requests
  • ✅ Entity extraction
  • ✅ 100,000 sources
  • ✅ 10,000 requests for free
  • ✅ No mandatory monthly subscription
  • ✅ 24/7 support

Microsoft Bing

$7 / 1K requests
  • ⛔️ No entity extraction
  • ⛔️ No free plan
  • ⛔️ Highly expensive

All prices shown are true for 250,000 requests/month. In this scenario you would save $4,800 per month vs Bing, or $349 per month vs newsapi.org. Found a cheaper plan than ours? Let us know and we'll refund the difference.

Search Parameters


Your news search term

Page Number

The number of the results page you'd like to view

Page Size

The number of results per page you'd like to receive as a response


A boolean that determines whether we should autocorrect search queries


A boolean that determines whether we filter out adult-only search results


The dates from which you'd like to receieve results