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News API is an easy to use RESTful service that provides up-to-date and highly relevant results for your search queries. Our dataset includes billions of news articles from over 100,000 sources and is updated throughout the day, ensuring you always get the most up-to-date and relevant results. Using News API, your app can fetch general or topical news articles, or aggregate articles for data analytics or machine learning purposes. To learn more about the API, check out our extensive documentation >

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News API price comparison

We've done our best to make our APIs affordable and accessible. Using state of the art search algorithms intended to mimic the way the human brain indexes and retrieves memories, we've managed to bring our backend costs way, way down – resulting in significantly cheaper prices for developers working with our News API.

News API by ContextualWeb: No monthly fee, $0.5/1,000 requests OR $99/250,000 requests

newsapi.org: $449 monthly fee with 250,000 requests included ($1.8/1,000 requests)

Bing News API: $7/1,000 requests

If you're making 250,000 requests per month, your ContextualWeb News API bill would be $99, compared to $449 with newsapi.org or $1,750 with Bing News API. Not to mention your first 10,000 requests are on us.

Live news articles & blog posts

ContextualWeb crawls and indexes the entire web in real-time, delivering up-to-the-minute coverage of news articles from over 100,000 news sources. Our crawler monitors the top news and media websites in the world, including Yahoo!, HuffingtonPost, Reuters, CNN, New York Times, Fox News, NBC News, Mail Online, Washington Post, The Guardian and many others.
We also crawl a wide variety of other sources including Google News, blogs and forums.

Highly relevant

ContextualWeb creates a network of associations between events, people, places and objects to bring you the most relevant results at the right context. This context-aware search lets our web engines provide the most relevant results, several steps ahead of of similar providers like NewsAPI.org.

Start totally free, grow without constraints

Using brain-inspired search techniques, we've managed to reduce the cost for our News API dramatically. ContextualWeb is 15 cheaper than all the other news providers, and also provides a generous free tier for 10,000 requests per month or less.

Easy entity extraction

Our response includes the primary keywords for the news articles as determined by our language processing algorithms. This empowers your app to classify results by topic and easily parse their subject matter.

Robust documentation

Never chase your tail looking for an answer. Check our robust News API documentation, or email us and get an answer, 24/7.