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Free News API

When we set out to build a news search engine, the first thing we did is perfect the algorithms driving it. With the most sophisticated search technology on the web. ContextualWeb News API finds exactly what you're looking for, fast. Don't take our word for it - take it for a test drive! Your first 10,000 requests per month are on us.


Your Privacy, Protected

We are committed to the highest possible privacy protection standards. This means none of your data or search history will ever be made available to anyone, especially not to advertisers. Moreover, none of the queries made on any of our search engines are traceable back to the company, engine or users with which they originated.

Entity Extraction

If you need to classify news articles - to display them in a more organic way, or for data analysis purposes - we’ve got you covered. Our search algorithm includes sophisticated natural language processing designed to extract primary keywords from each article, and our API results include those keywords. This empowers your app to classify results by topic and easily parse their subject matter.


100,000 News Sources

Our crafty pack of web spiders crawls and indexes more than 100,000 news sites and blogs every week. That’s more news than you could read in a lifetime!


BBC News





The Washington Post API

The Washington Post


Fox News API

Fox News


New York Times API

The New York Times


The Guardian API

The Guardian


HuffPost API

Huffington Post


Google News API

Google News


...And Many, Many More!

At least 99,992 more news outlets, blogs and sites crawled by our search engine.

Competitive Pricing

Compared to other leading News API providers, you'll get much more mileage, better versatility and accurate search results with ContextualWeb. If you're looking for a Free News API, look no further: we offer up to 10,000 requests/month free.


$1.8 / 1K requests
  • ⛔️No entity extraction
  • ⛔️Only 30,000 sources
  • ⛔️Just 100 requests/day free
  • ⛔️No privacy guarantee

ContextualWeb News API

$0.5 / 1K requests
  • ✅ Entity extraction
  • ✅ 100,000+ sources
  • ✅ 10,000 requests/month free
  • ✅ Enterprise-grade security & privacy

Microsoft Bing News API

$7 / 1K requests
  • ⛔️ No entity extraction
  • ✅ 100,000 sources
  • ⛔️ No free plan
  • ⛔️ No privacy guarantee

All prices shown are true for 250,000 requests/month. In this scenario you would save $4,800 per month vs Bing, or $349 per month vs newsapi.org. Found a cheaper plan than ours? Let us know and we'll refund the difference.