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Find any web page, faster than you can say "blueberry pie"

Search billions of web pages, news items and images with just a few lines a code, directly from your app or website. Our Web Search API is the most affordable and robust search solution on the Internet. Start totally free today.

A www-scale search engine at your fingertips. Check out what you can do with just a few lines of code.

Quickly build search-enabled apps and services with advanced capabilities

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Advanced search
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Over 100,000 news
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Supporting dozens of programming languages, including:

  • Phyton


  • PHP


  • Ruby


  • Java


  • Node.js


  • .NET


  • Objective-C


Focus on building great experiences, not maintaining your own search engine

Powerful ranking
Using a cutting-edge algorithm inspired by the way the human brain indexes memories, our Web API calculates hundreds of factors to display the most relevant results first.
Safe search and adult intent
Results can be filtered with our Safe Search function to exclude adult content.
In-context answers
All our results are contextually relevant and up-to-date, to ensure your users are finding exactly what they searched for.
Related searches
Discover more search options with a list of related queries, helping your users narrow down their search when things get messy.

Analytics and statistics

We provide a robust analytics dashboard through RapidAPI, allowing you to always stay on top the API requests we process on your behalf.