AutoComplete API documentation

Overview of the Autocomplete API

AutoComplete API is simple HTTP REST API. If your application sends queries to any of the ContextualWeb Search APIs, you can use the ContextualWeb AutoComplete API to improve your users’ search experience. The ContextualWeb AutoComplete API returns a list of suggested queries based on the partial query string in the search box. As characters are entered into the search box, you can display suggestions in a drop-down list.

Header Parameters:

X-RapidAPI-KeyStringGet API Key

Required parameters:

qStringThe user's search query string
pageNumberNumberThe page to view
pageSizeNumberThe number of items per page. The maximum value is 50
autoCorrectBooleanAutomatically correct spelling
safeSearchBooleanFilter results for adult content

Response 200:

Input: “do"


  "donald trump",
  "presidents donald",


  "type": "array",
  "items": {
    "type": "string"