ContextualWeb Web, News and Image Search APIs - Quick Start Guide

2. Get to know RapidAPI

One you've created your RapidAPI account, you're just moments away from making your first GET request.

First, navigate to https://rapidapi.com/contextualwebsearch/api/web-search. On the left side of the screen, you'll see the different API endpoint we offer:

autoCompleteReturns the top 10 most common autocompletions for the input text. Can be used to build Google-style search suggestions.
webSearchReturns a list of web page results for your search query.
imageSearchReturns a gallery of images with metadata matching your query.
newsSearchReturns a list of news articles matching your search query.

The middle section includes the header parameters and required parameters for the API endpoint you've chosen. Header parameters include your RapidAPI project, host and key. The required parameters include your text or query and other data relevant to your request (we'll get back to this in a bit).


The right part of the screen includes code snippets and response examples.