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Web search API

Get enhanced search results from billions of web pages

Enable apps and services to harness the power of a
web-scale search engine.

Quickly build search-enabled apps and services with the following capabilities:

Web search
Advanced search
Safe search
Site search
Image Search
Image thumbnails
News search
Search by published date
Over 100,000 news
sources and blogs
Spelling suggestions
Suggest as-you-type completion

Search the web using:

  • Phyton


  • PHP


  • Ruby


  • Java


  • Node.js


  • .NET


  • Objective-C


Focus on building great experiences, not maintaining your own search engine

Powerful ranking
Hundreds of ranking parameters.
Safe search and adult intent
Customize the safe-search level of the results.
In-context answers
Contextually relevant and up-to-date results.
Related searches
Discover more search options with a list of related queries.

Analytics and statics

View analytics and manage your billing setting using RapidAPI developer dashboard