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ContextualWeb News API

The ContextualWeb news API allows you to search for news articles from over 100,000 global news sources. An easy to use RESTful service that provides up-to-date and most relevant results to your search queries. You can use the news API to build general news app or topical news apps. You can aggregate news articles and apply your own data analytics and machine learning algorithms. Documentation >

Real-time Coverage

ContextualWeb crawls and indexes the entire web in real-time, to deliver up-to-minute coverage of News articles from over 100,000 news sources. ContextualWeb monitors the top news and media websites in the world such as:
Yahoo!, HuffingtonPost, Reuters, CNN, New York Times, Fox News, NBC News, Mail Online, Washington Post, The Guardian and many others.
ContextualWeb covers a variety of sources including Google News, blogs and forums.


ContextualWeb harnesses the power of its large-scale search to capture in real time the on-going events across the web. It creates a network of knowledge based on the world wide web. The network capture associations between events, people, places and objects to bring you the most relevant results at the right context. This places ContextualWeb one step ahead of similar providers like

Affordable to All Developers

Using brain-inspired search techniques, ContextualWeb has managed to reduce the cost for news API dramatically. ContextualWeb is 15 cheaper than all the other news providers. Start building your app for free enjoying 10K free requests per month.

Entity Extraction

The resulting JSON contains the main keywords from a webpage as extract by our Entity extraction algorithms. With this feature, you will be able to quickly understand the main essence of the articles and classified by topics.