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ContextualWeb Web API

ContextualWeb is the 3rd largest search engine in the world in terms of the number of webpages indexed; we crawl webpages from a huge variety of sources that are spread all over the world wide web. Our technology brings the power of neuroscience into the world of search to rapidly index billions of webpages. ContextualWeb’s Web Search API enables you to integrate search capabilities in your applications & websites in an easy & affordable way. The Web Search API is a RESTful service that provides instant answers to your search query. Documentation >

Contextuality and Ranking

ContextualWeb uses brain-inspired algorithms to form a huge contextual network based on the world wide web. This network captures connections between entities such as persons, places, things, events, etc. When a search query is made, ContextualWeb knows to predict its relevant contexts. The importance of knowing the right context is that brings you the most accurate and relevant search results to your query.

The results are superior to all popular data providers like Swiftype and Webhose (that are based on ElasticSearch and Solr for
example) as these solutions are intrinsically textual and have no real understanding of the context of the search query.

Related Search

This feature will show you a list of relevant entities for a given search query organized by relevance, from the most relevant to the least
relevant. This highly dynamic list can guide you in understanding top ongoing events across the web that related to what you are searching for. It can help you in refining your search to get a deeper insight on the topics you are researching.

You will find ContextualWeb’s related search significantly more relevant & authentic than Bing or Google’s  search. The reason for that is simple: While Bing and Google are commercial driven, their related search results are biased towards the ones that have more potential to make Google & Bing more clicks. In contrast, our related search feature brings you a loyal snapshot the world wide web relevant to what you are searching.


ContextualWeb brings you the lowest prices in the market. You can choose one of our freemium plans. Our basic plan suits for developers and startups and includes 10,000 free request per month. Companies and enterprises, can choose more advanced plans that offer millions of requests per month. We only charge for the numbers of requests without any limitation and restriction.

Our purpose is to make a change in the search industry by making it accessible and affordable to all developers and companies.